Autonomys (formerly Subspace) is is a decentralized AI (deAI) verticalized stack encompassing distributed storage, distributed compute, and a decentralized application (dApp) suite.

Babylon project designs security protocols that scale Bitcoin to secure the decentralized world. Babylon Bitcoin Staking protocol allows PoS systems like PoS chains, L2s, DA layers, oracles, etc., to acquire staking capital from Bitcoin.

TeleportDAO is a trustless interoperability protocol that provides an infrastructure for developers to build cross-chain applications.

DePHY is a decentralized low-latency off-chain network for DePIN with verifiability and composability.

Tokenized Index that gives you long, short and leveraged exposures to any basket of cryptocurrencies

Snapchain is a Bitcoin L2-as-a-Service solution, to help organizations customize, deploy, and manage their Bitcoin L2s more efficiently and cost-effectively. We provide Bitcoin-specific integration options to better meet the needs of each L2.

Gameta is a multi-layered NFT gaming ecosystem providing players with a comprehensive Web3 gaming and entertainment experience ranging from hyper casual to immersive.

RARA is a protocol for adding social commentary to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on social apps and NFT marketplaces. Mask Network has acquired the team behind RARA as part of the Mask ecosystem of Web3 social builders. The team will continue building apps and developer tools for RARA.

UXUY is a next-generation decentralized multi-chain trading platform based on MPC wallet. UXUY actively participates in the construction of the Bitcoin Layer2 ecosystem, fully integrates into the Bitcoin Lightning Network and Taproot ecosystem, provides users with lightning address DID services, and becomes an important bridge connecting the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems.

Timeless is a social wallet designed for web3 builders and crypto-curious alike. Timeless aims to serve as your home and gateway into web3. It features all things from 101s on crypto jargon and DeFi lingo all the way to the latest web3 news, personalities, and events.

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